[Interview] Ga In for Nylon – Meow Meow

Meow Meow

R19+ Photos & Interview Together With Ga In


“Unnie, when did we met each other?”

Ga In who has just completed filming for a difficult pictorial cut tapped my shoulder and asked. Even though she recognised me as someone she has met before, she was curious about the time we met, and stood by me and started talking. With her cat-like eyes, Ga In was interestingly behaving like a little puppy.

“It was around this time last year. We even did the photoshoot while throwing popcorn. The photographer then was late for about two hours so we ended up doing a long interview while laughing and chatting.”

“I’ve met too many people since working so even if I recognize their faces, I couldn’t remember where and when I met them. Hahahaha.”  The woman who was like an enchantress in front of the camera, has turned into a little girl all of a sudden. Ga In transforms each time she stands in front of the camera after an outfit change.

You feel as if you are watching her sing when looking at her being captured by the photographer. Just like the songs from her second solo album, a feeling of sensuality. Even looking at it from a woman’s point of view. Ga In who has been singing alongside her unnies, has suddenly cemented her position as a female vocalist, a sex symbol at twenty six year old.

To be honest, some issues came up before the start of the shoot. It was one of the common problems that often arise during shooting. Disagreements on the styling. What the photographer, the stylist and the model want were slightly different. And there was also the control on revealing outfits from the management’s side. We had to go back to the easy way we are able to take.

“Unnie, how about wearing this over that outfit?”

When you first see the pictures of this photoshoot, there’s a high chance that those cuts with the most eye-catching styling, were outfits chosen by Ga In. She had chosen and worn bold, colorful outfits that were perfectly fitted for her. Almost to the level of having to add the title “Stylist” to her name, she diligently went through and picked the outfits, shoes and accessories.

“Ga In-ssi, isn’t that outfit a little too sexy? Of course it’s good on our side that it matches our concept, but it could become a wasted cut if there’s any problems later on….”

We brought this up because of previous experience in discarding cuts that came out well in idols’ photoshoots because of the reason “it’s too revealing”. With her eyes wide open, Ga In replied. “But this outfit is the prettiest isn’t it? Let’s just do it with this. Everyone’s okay with it right?”

Shooting for the sixth pictorial cut. Ga In held on to the bar and raised her wrist, striking a cat pose, bending her back and rolled over lying on the floor. She continued to strike poses that we don’t know if they are pictorial poses or yoga poses. “Would you perhaps be able to make any pose that others won’t ever be able to?” the photographer requested. “What others couldn’t do, I won’t be able to do it either. Hahahaha,” Ga In said, and yet continuing to show strange poses that we have never seen anywhere else, poses that couldn’t be used because they were too raunchy.

She had to do recordings for a cable TV that we have heard before, and another one which we have not heard of before the start of the photoshoot. For a couple of hours without rest, Ga In had to give answers that the program wants while smiling. She even had to reveal the contents of her pouch, and to take a tarot reading. The photoshoot which was scheduled to start at 1PM was endlessly delayed, and all of the staff had to stay completely silent in the small studio while watching the recording. The shooting which was supposed to be completed quickly during the daytime on Saturday was pushed back to the evening, and Ga In was not able to eat anything during the entire period because of the photoshoot. Because just like other female celebrities, Ga In do not wish for her tummy to be showing right before a photoshoot.


Q: You have to put up with so many schedules in a day. Isn’t it tiring? I heard you have not taken a meal yet even.

I can’t eat anyway since it’s before a photoshoot. (While picking up a sausage bun) But I’ll get much better right after eating this.

Q: Heard that you have yet another shoot after this?

It’s a paid pictorial. It’s definitely more physically tiring than this photoshoot. Photoshoots with a clear concept of showcasing clothes are on the contrary, much more easier for me. This level of schedule is still alright for me.

Q: Don’t you get worn out working for an entire day like this?

Hahaha. Actually I’m always packed with schedules so I get through this amount of work rather easily. Seems like my body has gotten used to matching this kind of schedule. I find it more tiring heading to a far place in a car. Because I can focus on my work  while working, so time passes by quickly without me knowing it, but it gets a little tiring when we are on the road for a long period of time heading to events or other schedules in a car. You feel the tiredness drowning you all at once.

This was her fourth schedule starting from the morning. Ga In who has also went through a day packed with schedules yesterday said, “It’s still alright these days. It’s not work that I dislike like last time. We had to do lots of work which we dislike back then when we were not recognized. But now it’s different. Now it has became a situation where we could choose work which we like and enjoy.” Instead, she had a worried expression while saying that the staff would be tired.

[According to Ga In, the R19 interview starts for real from here.]

Q: Your solo album this time is titled ‘Talk about S’ right? I’ve read all your other interviews, but seems like you have not talked about the exact meaning of ‘S’ before. ‘S’ is short for ‘sex’ right?

Ah, actually talking about ‘S’, it’s different depending on how you think about it…. I mean I thought about what I should talk about (in my music), and thought that ‘S’ is the most suitable in telling what I hoped to express. It could refer to S.E.X (Ga In pronounced it as ‘S’, ‘E’, ‘X’), ‘sexual’, and could also be like ‘secret’. The meanings of ‘S’ in my songs are a little different. ‘Gaze’ feels a little more melancholy, while ‘Bloom’ is more like what you would tell your friends secretly. As ‘Bloom’ is a song about experiencing the highest point spiritually or through something else after meeting a certain him.

Q: So you are saying that there’s combined meanings for ‘S’ then?

That’s right. So there’s no need to focus too much only on the sexual things. Because ‘S’ is just the start point for so many other words.

Q: “Have you ever tried having such an intense love like in ‘Bloom’?”

Actually I don’t agree with the saying that you have to talk only about your own experiences in all of your works. It’s just a little unfortunate that people look at that kind of performances wondering if I could sing that kind of song and show that kind of performances without having those experiences. Even for the dance and the music video, ‘Bloom’ is not a song that stresses only on the sexual feelings. Because we are also trying to express an intense love spiritually.

Q: “I’m saying we are curious if you have experienced that kind of love whether emotionally or sexually.”

Truthfully, this isn’t something I would know now isn’t it? If you are gonna ask someone if the emotions they are feeling now would be the most intense feelings they would ever feel, isn’t it something we would only be able to answer when we have lived through it? I’ll probably know it when I’m in my fifties, sixties or when I become an old woman. I mean right now, whether the feelings I’ve had before for love is the most intense or not, whether I’ve already met the man whom I can’t forget for life or not, I can’t make a judgement on it now. How am I supposed to know if my most intense love has went by or not at my age now. Isn’t it?

Q: How satisfied are you with the results of your promotion activities for this album?

I always tend to look at the broad side of things, so if we are looking at “Soloist Ga In”, I think it’s about 50 over a hundred. If ‘Irreversible’ is about 30, I’ve made it a little further this time.

Finishing her sentence, Ga In drank a mouthful of smoothie, leaned her body towards the table and started talking in a serious tone.

No matter what, a female soloist who stands on stage taking on a sexy concept in Korea will have antis.

I’m also like this. Looking at sexy female singers, doesn’t it seem like those girls are trying to lure my man? Just like a fox. So I’ve gained a lot of antis this time. I didn’t have any antis during ‘Irreversible’ time. There was practically no malicious comments then too, but there was rather a lot this time. Even when we were promoting ‘Abracadabra’, (the song) carries a sense of feminine strength, so even with the sexy dance and costumes, we didn’t gain much antis. But I’ve gained many antis this time, with the image like a fox seducing men with joyful expressions, eye smiles, etc. I was a little taken aback by the malicious comments at first. I’m not someone who’s easily influenced, but you kind of get that kind of feelings looking at it.

Q: Did you receive lots of stress because of it?

Fortunately I didn’t. The peak was right before the start of my activities, 3~4 days before the release of my music video. Even the producer and the lyricist told me, we prepared the album release with a R19 rating, so it was a 50 vs 50 situation. They told me, “Ga In ah, in a positive light, it’s enough of a success for you if it’s 50. Not everyone likes a sexy concept.”

Q: So in a positive light, what percentage do you think it is?

Erm…. Of course it’s over fifty in a positive light. Hahaha.

Q: Then we’ll consider it as a success then right?

Haha. Yea. But there’s also things I’ve lost. Because the erotic parts were being highlighted so much, I’m worried about how I can present myself next time. But why is our country so sensitive towards the standards for sexiness for female soloists?

Q: But Ga In-ssi, when did you get the star tattooed on your wrist?

A: It has been a while. When I was twenty.

Q: Why did you do it? Don’t you think there’s normally some meaning behind a tattoo?

A: I don’t know. I wish to erase it now.

Q: Why?

A: Anyway I have to cover it often while acting and also on stage.

Q: Why did you tattooed a star?

A: I followed an unnie of mine and went together with her, and somehow ended up doing it. I just chose a star without any thinking and I didn’t even do any retouching. The star is colored as well, and at first glance, it looks like something drawn by kids playing pranks. I did it and went back home thinking if I did it for no reason and regretted it of course.

* Translations for second part not complete yet. ^^


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